Trump’s Crypto Shake-Up: Millions in Ethereum Liquidated After NFT Setback!

In a bold move that’s reverberating across the crypto realm, Donald Trump has sparked intrigue by offloading millions in Ethereum following a less-than-stellar NFT Redux. An analysis by blockchain intelligence firm Arkham reveals the strategic pivot in Trump’s crypto playbook.

 Strategic Ethereum Exodus: $2.4 Million Haul in Just Three Weeks!

Arkham’s scrutiny unveils a tactical maneuver as Trump initiates the transfer of Ethereum, accumulated as NFT royalties, to Coinbase. Over the last three weeks, a formidable 1,075 ETH has been liquidated, amassing a substantial $2.4 million. Despite this move, Trump still commands a crypto portfolio valued at $2.2 million.

 Diverse Crypto Holdings: A Peek into Trump’s Post-Ethereum Portfolio!

Even after shedding Ethereum, Trump’s crypto portfolio remains diverse, boasting $1.4 million in ETH, $649,000 in WETH, $167,000 in MAGA coin, $340 in Pepecoin, and $145 in JESUS, among other assets. The assortment underscores the former president’s multifaceted approach to the crypto market.

 NFT Collection Chronicles: Trump Faces Setback with “Mugshot Edition”!

Trump’s NFT venture takes an unexpected twist with the launch of the “Mugshot Edition.” Featuring pieces of the suit worn during a Georgia arrest, the collection of 100,000 NFTs encounters a lukewarm reception. Unlike previous collections, which soared or held steady, the “Mugshot Edition” struggles to sustain interest.