Let’s skip price predictions and instead try to understand which trends will be in the spotlight. In 2021, it was DeFi, NFTs, and Metaverse tokens. Ithink, in this cycle, the focus will be on:

1. Web3 Gaming: Look at global box revenue – gaming has already surpassed the entire entertainment industry. Mobiles lead the way, generating ~$95b annually(9 times more than the entire film industry’s profit).

With over 3.2b people playing mobile games, many criticize it for excessive money-grabbing practices. The ability to earn and sell in-game currency could revolutionize this industry. Of course, it’s crucial for these games to be fun, and blockchain devs have a hard time achieving that right now

.2. AI Tokens: Interest in AI is growing. In 2023, we already saw a hype around these projects, with tokens like #RNDR and #AKR surging by 1000%+.

Most experts expect that in the future, AI will be combined with blockchain by default. So, in 2024, we’ll likely see even more innovative projects and solutions.

3. DEX: Considering the recent instability around CEXs with lawsuits and cases like FTX, I’m sure that during this cycle, more regular users will start paying attention to decentralized exchanges.

 L2 solutions have reduced DEX transaction costs, but newcomers still find them quite challenging to use. The real revolution in this area will occur when people gain access to DeFi without even realizing that they are on the blockchain. I believe in 2024, we’ll see the emergence of such tech.

In conclusion, I want to congratulate everyone on the upcoming New Year! In 2024, I wish everyone wealth, health, and a peaceful sky above. Thanks to everyone for your support and interest in my channel; We’re preparing something big for you next year!