Bitcoin Miners Reach Celestial Heights: December 2023 Smashes Records with $1.51 Billion in Revenue!

As the cosmic journey of 2023 concludes, Bitcoin miners are basking in the glow of a celestial achievement, amassing an astronomical $1.51 billion in revenue for December. This triumph not only eclipses the previous peak in May but also spotlights the meteoric rise of onchain fees in the ever-evolving galaxy of cryptocurrency.

 December’s Cosmic Triumph: Surpassing May’s $919.22 Million Record!

December’s stellar performance outshines the former record set in May, where miners gathered $919.22 million. The grand total, enhanced by an impressive $324.83 million in onchain fees, marks a celestial 64.27% growth, equivalent to an additional $590.78 million.

 December’s Galactic Surge: 1.64 Times Greater Than May’s Record!

Showcasing the interstellar resilience of Bitcoin mining, December’s achievement stands 1.64 times greater than May’s record. Fueled by the expanding importance of onchain fees, Bitcoin reaffirms its position as a cosmic pioneer in the dynamic universe of digital finance.

 Interplanetary Transaction Rates: December’s Crypto Cosmos!

As observed through‘s telescope, December’s onchain transaction rates rocket to unprecedented heights. The average fee soars to 231 satoshis per virtual byte (sats/vB), equivalent to $20.86 per transaction. On December 31, 2023, the median-sized fee records at $9.60 per transaction or 106.3 sats/vB.