Nike’s ‘NFTee’ sells out but sparks backlash. Plus, more Web3 drops

One month it’s sneakers; the next it’s T-shirts that are receiving a Web3-connected upgrade. That’s the case for Nike’s digital community platform, Dot Swoosh, which finally dropped its long-awaited “Tinaj” tee collection this week. The second product to arrive from the sportswear label’s Web3 venture was another sell-out success, but critiques are already rolling in about Nike’s virtual strategy. In other news this week, Web3-native beauty label Kiki World has opened up its polls once again, inviting its community to vote for their favorite nail color. The brand recently launched an innovative NFC-chipped press-on nails series that, when scanned, shares wearers’ LinkedIn, Instagram, and email information. As they say, let your nails do the talking (or, in this case, the networking). Exclusive to Dot Swoosh members, the shirt features the Dot Swoosh logo, as well as the slogan “This Is Not A JPEG” — a satirical response to NFT skeptics who often refer to tokens as nothing more than JPEGs. The collection sold out in 30 minutes via the SNKRS app.