DogeWalk completes the final Genesis NFT mint with success!

On November 28, 2023, DogeWalk concluded its final Genesis NFT mint. This results in minting the entire Genesis NFT series, which comprises 2,500 unique pieces. The final lot was purchased in the span of a single day. Before delivering their third Genesis NFT, DogeWalk performed a substantial upscaling in digital assets. They changed the DWD-SFT and made it a DWD Token Voucher. This comes with the added safety of transactions in the NFT arena, as well as bringing about reliable and safe trading exposure for all connected users. DogeWalk community only, several advantages are provided to them. Every NFT owner comes in for two free DWD Token Vouchers. It is possible to retrieve these vouchers in exchange for 250 DWD tokens, which is the conventional currency of the DogeWalk platform. DogeWalk designed the DWD Token Voucher as a unique and non-fungible token. It provides the opportunity for merchants to benefit from enhanced safety features. Owners may choose to exchange them for DWD platform tokens or retain them until they reach the age of eligibility for conversion within a one-year period. Added to that, owners receive a free DogeWalk NFT with a leash, which has a value of 19.9 USDT. It allows users to receive $BONES, an in-game utility token.