The StarWallet portfolio tracker lets users easily and safely view their crypto assets “without needing keys, security measures, or third-party apps”. It works directly on Telegram, and “you don’t need to connect a wallet, use keys, or passwords”. Simply enter a wallet address to see all the assets in it. Please write in English. More information below.

Runs native to Telegram
✅ Check asset values
✅ Chart buy and sell markers
✅ Instant audits
✅ Real-time token information
✅ Track top holders
✅ With more alert based features to come…


  • Arb, Avax, Bsc, Eth, Matic and Sol
  • Faster api updates.
  • Automatic “add all”, filtering scams and honeypots.
  • NEW method to filter out dust.


STEP 1: Open @StarWallet_Bot
STEP 2: Paste ANY wallet address

Note: ADD TO @StarWallet_Bot to your channel and summon it with “/wallet”

To learn more, look below:
Bot link: @StarWallet_Bot Telegram