Launches in 40min – FOMO Network The Biggest Launch of 2024 in the Next 24 hours !! April 18th at 9PM UTC

Join us on April 18th at 9PM UTC and be prepared for the big launch! Fomo Network Token Launch, on April 18th at 9PM UTC #FOMO #JustFomo

Layer 1 blockchain in test net – FOMO Chain – The core of our project An infinitely scalable L1 PoS Blockchain utilising the interoperable

@cosmos. The first blockchain to support multiple languages such as Rust and Solidity in a single chain allowing developers the freedom of choice. $0.01 – $0.02 Transaction Costs 10,000 Transactions per second 1 Second Transaction Times Infinitely Scalable IBC Protocol Allowing Cross-chain Communications

Testnet Live with EVM Explorer EVM Explorer Testnet Faucet

FOMO Ai Bot Developed for communities to create Ai generated images and text within their Telegram groups. Live in over 300 groups and growing daily.

FOMO Spy Bot – Worried about DeFi scams? Fear no more! FOMO Spy Bot provides the security tools you need to detect scams. Live and used daily by thousands of users. Before purchasing, use features like: – Honeypot Check – Liquidity Locks – Buy/Sell Tax – Contract Code Safety

FOMO Alert Bot Utilising our 31-point algorithm, we scan every fresh launch on Ethereum / BSC and deliver notifications for high-potential launches straight to your inbox.

Live and used by hundreds of successful investors.

FOMO Daily Aggregated news platform delivering the latest developments in the financial markets direct to your inbox. Coming Soon shortly after launch.

FOMO Poker #1 Crypto Poker Software, any device and no download required ! Coming Soon shortly after launch. Holdem Omaha Tournaments Ring Games -No Bots – Complete Transparency -Instant Deposits/Withdrawals – Safe Transactions on-chain

Decentralised Social Network Crypto has been waiting for a breakout SocialFi app that propels it into the mainstream. That app has arrived. Introducing: FOMO, a true crypto social network. Coming Soon with Major Influencers Onboarded.

FOMO Trading Bot Telegrams fastest DeFi trading bot. Utilising a simple Ui design for newcomers and experienced investors alike, everyone will enjoy a clutter free lighting fast experience. Coming Soon to Ethereum / BSC / Solana

FOMO Swap – Innovative Decentralised Exchange on Ethereum, other EVM chains, Solana and FOMO Chain. Our swap carries 2 distinct features that not only make it stand out from existing platforms but will encourage major adoption amongst developers & investors alike. Feature 1: Ability for developers to claim transaction fees on every trade, never before possible due to liquidity locks and burns. Tokens that don’t contain taxes are now able to earn residual incomes to help fund their projects. All claimable any time via our dashboard. Feature 2: Built in affiliate system for every trading pool. Now investors and KOL’s can earn transaction fees from their favourite tokens by simply creating their own unique referral links in advance.

FOMO Marketing / Adoption Plan Now that you have learnt about FOMO’s amazing ecosystem, its time to talk mass adoption. We have our business development managers ready and in place to onboard projects / users throughout the ecosystem. Additionally we are carrying out a multi level marketing campaign across all social media platforms and culminating into our Television commercials that move into production on the 24th April.

FOMO NFT Collection + Alpha All of the above mentioned utilities combine into substantial revenue share for any NFT holders. The collection contains only 700 NFTs and owning a single NFT gains you not only a residual income but exclusive whitelist access to our presale on 15th April. Due to our presale being only available to NFT holders, we have attracted a very serious investor base, never before seen in an upcoming launch. As a result of the ownership benefits we have achieved a floor of 2.8 ETH and volume of over 96ETH. Please bear in mind this is pre-marketing and prior to revenue share / launch commencing. This could potentially be the last opportunity to own our very special NFTs.