​KnownOrigin Will Launch Royalty Feature For Artists

The marketplace for non-fungible tokens from the Internet giant eBay has opened the possibility of receiving royalties from sales. The KnownOrigin NFT marketplace has opened up the possibility for digital artists to earn royalties from the resale of virtual collectibles. The developers of the project announced this on Twitter.

Starting from February 24, artists verified by the platform will be able to receive payments from resales. To do this, they will need to deploy their own smart contract on KnownOrigin. Users will be able to do this using the Creator Contract feature, which does not require knowledge of the Solidity programming language, noted KnownOrigin. What percentage of resale royalties will go to artists is not specified.

According to KnownOrigin, users have been testing the Creator Contract beta for the past few weeks, with 84 contracts deployed and 250 NFT collections released so far.