Tuttle Capital Unveils Six Innovative Bitcoin ETFs: A Leap into the Future of Crypto Investing!

Tuttle Capital Management, a trailblazer in the world of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), has made a significant move by filing three N1-A forms with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The aim? To introduce not one, but six groundbreaking Bitcoin ETFs that promise to redefine the dynamics of crypto investing.

 Strategic Vision: Tuttle Capital’s ETF Revolution
With an eye on the future, Tuttle Capital Management has set the stage for a new era in crypto investments. The proposed ETFs are designed to amplify returns from a spot Bitcoin ETF, offering investors an unprecedented opportunity to navigate the crypto market with enhanced potential.

 Mark Your Calendars: Effective Date Locked for March 18, 2024
According to Bloomberg Intelligence ETF analyst Henry Jim, the effective date for these innovative ETFs is March 18, 2024. Tuttle Capital’s proactive approach positions them as pioneers, ready to embrace the evolving landscape of crypto investments.

 Meet the Magnifiers: Tuttle Capital’s Suite of Amplified ETFs
The proposed ETFs include T-REX 1.5X, 1.75X, and 2X Long Spot Bitcoin Daily Target ETFs, as well as T-REX 1.5X, 1.75X, and 2X Inverse Spot Bitcoin Daily Target ETFs. These ETFs promise daily leveraged or inverse results, with magnifications reaching up to 150% and 200%. Investors can anticipate an exciting journey in navigating the dynamic crypto market.