Sip, Collect, and NFT: Starbucks Korea’s Blockchain Brew! Polygon

Get ready for a coffee experience like never before!

 Starbucks Korea is spicing up its loyalty program with the launch of exclusive NFTs on the Polygon blockchain, starting January.

In a bid to promote sustainability, Starbucks Korea introduces “eco-stamps” – earn them with every purchase of selected drinks and unlock the door to limited-edition NFTs.

 Crafted in collaboration with South Korean art platform Print Bakery and renowned NFT artist DADAZ, these digital collectibles redefine the coffee ritual.

The “Eco Tumbler Beverage Coupons” are your ticket to a greener future, blending the pleasure of your favorite cup with a commitment to environmental consciousness.

 Breaking News: China’s Telecom Titan Launches LinkNFT for Hong Kong’s Web3.0 Dive! 🌐

China’s largest telecom operator has just unleashed LinkNFT, a groundbreaking NFT market aimed at propelling Hong Kong into the forefront of the Web3.0 era!

Key Features:

 Digital Transformation: LinkNFT is set to redefine Hong Kong’s digital landscape, providing seamless access to the next generation of Web3.0 internet.

 Enterprise Solutions: Offering cutting-edge NFT casting services, LinkNFT empowers enterprises in the generation, transaction, and circulation of digital assets across SocialFi, DeFi, and GameFi scenarios.

 Web3.0 Compatibility: Integrated with CMChain’s advanced cross-chain components, LinkNFT ensures full Web3.0 compatibility, signaling a new era in digital innovation.

 Exclusive Digital Wallet: Hong Kong residents gain easy management of digital assets, including Ethereum assets like Opensea, through the exclusive digital wallet “LinKey.”