AR platform Really launches ‘Fandime’ NFTs to reward users with exclusive movie-related content

Traditionally, being a hardcore movie fan means collecting physical memorabilia like autographed posters to show dedication. However, in recent years, a number of companies have started betting on digital collectibles to become the new symbol of a fan’s devotion. AR platform that provides digital collectible movie tickets and interactive experiences related to the latest blockbuster films — announced a partnership with blockchain platform Avalanche to help power its “Fandime” NFTs. The company also announced today it’s expanding its AR collectible tickets to cinema partners in the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan, Korea, Australia, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. There are three ways to earn Fandime tokens — attending movie theaters and events, buying merchandise and interacting with Really’s AR experiences like weekly trivia, scavenger hunts and a “Pop-a-Corn” game that involves throwing kernels into a popcorn bucket. Users can also purchase a Fandime directly in the Really app (available on iOS and Android devices). The production company recently rolled out an AR collectible for the hit psychological thriller “Saltburn.”