Worldcoin Set to Resume Kenyan Operations in Early 2024

According to a report, Worldcoin representatives may have reached an agreement with Kenyan authorities which allows the iris biometric cryptocurrency project to resume operations under new guidelines. The report, which cites unnamed sources, said this is likely to happen sometime in early 2024. Worldcoin is set to resume distributing its WLD tokens to users who agree to have their eyeballs scanned comes just a few months after Kenyan authorities suspended such activities. Following the suspension, Worldcoin representatives visited Kenya where they made an appearance before the country’s legislative body. However, according to a Citizen Digital report, Worldcoin may have satisfied concerns initially raised by regulators. “Worldcoin is working directly with regulators to meet Kenya’s requirements, particularly as the Assembly considers new regulations. Stipends will remain and will expand to locations across the country,” the unnamed source reportedly said. The report, however, did not reveal when the Kenyan parliament is expected to pass new data regulations which will guide entities like Worldcoin. Source