ZTX Web3 Platform Strengthens Japanese Presence through Metaverse Collection Partnership

The Japanese government has displayed a notable inclination towards embracing the metaverse industry, blockchain technology, and the crypto market. Japanese retailers, particularly those associated with the ZEPETO community, have a well-established history with ZTX. The ZEPETO project, which supported ZTX, has garnered favor among Japanese retailers, rewarding them for their adoption of the ZTX metaverse platform. According to Lee Nomura, Project Manager at Metaverse Collection, ZTX enjoys several advantages compared to typical Web3 gaming or metaverse projects when venturing into Japan. Notably, its Web2 platform already boasts millions of users in Japan and has the backing of Softbank. Nomura emphasized that the upcoming collaboration with Fuji TV to co-launch a virtual singer/idol audition in December adds another layer of strength to ZTX’s position in the Japanese market. Metaverse Collection, leveraging its experience as marketers in Japan, aims to amplify the existing sparks within ZTX and create lasting fires.