SEC Chair Gary Gensler doesn’t want to talk about ‘crypto securities’ Securities

Former President Donald Trump is adding a twist to his latest NFT sales pitch, unveiling another set of digital trading cards that will give fans the chance to not only eat dinner with him but also score a piece of the suit he wore for his recent mugshot. Previous Trump NFT drops have included bonuses like Zoom calls and an opportunity to dine with the president at a gala dinner. Trump is calling the suit he wore “the most historically significant artifact in United States history,” according to the website promoting the NFT drop and bonus merchandise. The new “Mugshot Edition” trading cards cost $99, and anyone who buys 47 in a single transaction ($4,653) will get both dinner with Trump and a physical trading card that includes a piece of the suit he wore when the mugshot was taken by police in Georgia after he was indicted in August. Consumers who use crypto to buy 100 trading cards in one go will get extra bonuses including a chance to attend a “pre-gala” cocktail reception with the former president. Besides a physical card with a piece of the suit, those buying more than 100 cards will also receive another physical card that includes a piece of the tie he wore when police photographed him.While the 24-hour increase is notable, the total volume registered below $100,000, according to OpenSea data.