HTX, Poloniex Assets Are ‘100% Safe’ Says Justin Sun After $200M Hack

Crypto mogul Justin Sun has said that assets held on HTX and Poloniex are “100% safe” after last month’s hack that saw more than $200 million siphoned out of both exchanges. Both exchanges have opened withdrawals for certain assets, although several altcoins remain locked. Bitcoin (BTC) and Tron (TRX) are the two digital assets that could be withdrawn; this led to both tokens trading at a premium on Poloniex over the past few weeks. The withdrawal freeze came after hackers stole $114 million out of Poloniex’s hot wallets on Nov. 10; this was followed up by $97 million being stolen from HTX and blockchain protocol Heco Chain. “Right now, Poloniex and HTX have recovered from the hack, and we are resuming the tokens one by one,” Justin Sun, an investor in Poloniex and an advisor for HTX, told CoinDesk. “I think for HTX, we have already resumed 95% in terms of USD worth of assets. On Poloniex, we have resumed around 85% in terms of the USD value of the assets.”. “Even though in terms of exchanges itself, we need to basically earn those profits in the future. But for customer assets, it’s 100% safe.”