NFT trading volume nears $1B as markets turn bullish: Report

As crypto markets turn bullish, nonfungible token (NFT) trading has started to join the wave, with volume nearing $1 billion in November, according to data published by the decentralized app tracking platform DappRadar. The report highlighted that the NFT industry maintained upward momentum for the second month in a row. Trading volume surged by 125% in November, suggesting a shift in user behavior compared to earlier downturns in NFT trading. On Nov. 6, analytics firm Nansen reported that NFT sales volumes showed continued weekly increases in October. NFT sales consistently went up, from $56 million in the week ending on Oct. 9 to $129 million in the week ending on Nov. 5. Executives working in Web3 believe that this trend may continue further in the coming months. On Nov. 14, SuperRare co-founder Jonathan Perkins told Cointelegraph that the worst of the bear market is “behind us” and things are starting to turn around. Despite a seemingly bearish mood all year, blockchain gaming projects managed to secure $2.3 billion in investments from the start of 2023 up to October. An earlier DappRadar report showed that in the third quarter of 2023 alone.