Residents of Swiss City of Lugano to Pay Taxes With Bitcoin

The Swiss city of Lugano announced on Dec. 5 that it has added cryptocurrencies to its list of acceptable payment options. This means that city residents can now settle tax bills and all other community fees with Bitcoin (BTC) or the stablecoin USDT. Previously, Lugano residents could only use this payment option for transactions made on the city’s online platform. However, according to a statement from Bitcoin Suisse, previous restrictions have been removed. Residents can now use crypto to settle regardless of the nature of the service rendered or the amount invoiced. According to a statement, Lugano has become one of the first cities to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment option, making payments more flexible and modern for everyone. Other Swiss cities that have similarly embraced crypto payments include Zug, the Canton of Zug, and the municipality of Zermatt. By taking this step, Lugano aims to integrate blockchain and BTC into various aspects of daily life in the city. Bitcoin Suisse is the Swiss city’s technical infrastructure provider.