Why choose the Fomo Network https://fomonetwork.io

Zero Cost?: Transactions are gasless which enables a wide variety of blockchain use cases

High Performance: Thousands of transactions settled in seconds which allows for scalability

Public and Decentralized: Open source, open to anyone to build on, maintained by the community

Next Fomo Phase After our successful NFT launch, now comes the next phase of Fomo. MASS FOMO! We are in the final stages of testing both our contract scanners and premium alerts bot.

Remember if you want access to our premium alerts for the best 2-3 daily projects, you will need to hold an NFT in your wallet.

The Next Phase: Marketing Campaign

Partnership Rollouts

Private NFT Holders Group

Fomo Daily Crypto News Site

Premium Alerts Launch

Scanner Bot Launch

Opening Fomo Marketing Arm

Additional to exclusive access, all NFT holders will be gaining revenue share from above, plus whitelist presale entry.

They wont be around for long https://fomonetwork.io