AntPool agrees to refund record $3 million Bitcoin transaction fee

Bitcoin mining pool AntPool has agreed to refund the record-breaking $3 million transaction fee it mined last week, pending owner verification. AntPool wrote in the announcement. “The risk control system of AntPool temporarily froze the fee when packaging the transaction. Please contact us before 00:00 (UTC+8) on December 10, 2023 and verify personal identity. After verification, AntPool will refund the fee.” AntPool requested the original owner of the funds to prepare a signing tool, such as Electrum or Bitcoin Core — the most widely used software implementation of the Bitcoin protocol — using the private key of the address that sent the transaction to sign the message “AntPool”, then send the signed text to its support email address. The transaction was mined by AntPool in block 818,087 but it had not publicly commented on the matter until now. The previous record $500,000 fee paid in September was subsequently identified as a “fat finger” overpayment by the crypto services provider Paxos. F2Pool, the miner facilitating that transaction, agreed to reimburse the fee to Paxos.

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