XCarnival NFT Lending Platform Hit by $3.8 Million Exploit

PeckShield has reported a hack on XCarnival Lab, an NFT lending protocol. The attack happened on June 26, and the hacker managed to drain ETH tokens from the protocol. However, according to PeckShield, the hacker made away with 3,087 Ether (ETH), worth around $3.8 million.

The exploit on the XCarnival NFT lending platform now joins the list of several exploits over the past few months. Moreover, the ongoing recession across the crypto space does not seem to be deterring hackers from targeting protocols.PeckShield further said that 120 ETH stolen by the hacker had been laundered through TornadoCash. TornadoCash is a tool used by hackers to hide traces of token transfers from the protocol.


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