Welcome to HypeInu The New Token On the BSC – Check It Out

The first of its kind Hype Liquidity yielding token that airdrops holders with “Hyped tokens concepts” in the space weekly. #TOGRP7 https://hypeinu.wtf/


HypeInu is the answer to the biggest problem existing in BSC – ergo the hype died. With HypeInu, we build new brands as per what’s hyped and with community support, they are built and grown into future moonshots.


What is HypeInu

Ξ Introduction
FAVOURITISM is something that scares away new emerging talents from exploring the crypto space as developers.

Observing how majority projects on BSC go like, we understand that everyday hype is necessary to keep any project on track in BSC, hence we came up with a well crafted solution: 3% of all transactions would be used to generate THE HYPED LIQUIDITY.

BSC necessarily works as a casino, a normal investor/trader faces issues to keep up with the new trend.

Ξ Under The Hood
A constant community involved in hyped launches would create a cycle of projects providing mid-term Xs to all the existing token holders and the new holders of the respective projects. Also the partnerships built under $HYPE with the influencers ahead would be long term providing growth for the HYPED LAUNCHES and the opportunity of calling a completely SAFU TOKEN that is focused on the current BSC hype every week at a really early stage. This would build a model that could aim to sustain in the BSC space nevertheless of what the current hype is.

Ξ Hype Dividend Yield
Distributing one of the most hyped cryptocurrencies while also delivering constant hyped launches for the community gives the best of both worlds – stability and speculation. https://hypeinu.wtf/ Telegram : @HypeInuOfficial

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