Web3 Foundation passes 400 project grants on Polkadot #togrp7

Web3 Foundation, the organization responsible for doling out grants on Polkadot, has passed the milestone of 400 approved projects. Since launching in December 2018, Web3 Foundation (W3F) has received hundreds of applications from projects looking to build in the Polkadot ecosystem — the foundation approved roughly 40% of these submissions.

The Web3 Foundation has shared details of the projects approved so far to commemorate passing the milestone for its grants program. The foundation disclosed that 1,054 applications for funding have been submitted, with 415 being approved. The scope of these projects varies greatly, encompassing the entire web3 stack, from the base layer to middleware and consumer applications. Web3 Foundation funded projects ranging from wallets, dev tooling, and APIs to smart contracts and UI development.#togrp7

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