TIME plans out converting subscribers over to NFTs #togrp7

Speaking to CNBC, Time Magazine’s President Keith Grossman laid out a pretty bullish idea for integrating NFTs into the nearly one-hundred-year-old company – turning subscribers into online owners of its unique cover art.Of course, this aspiration is exactly that. But, as Grossman explains, TIME has already been hard at work with its TIMEPieces NFT series.

During the interview, Grossman explained how companies have gotten into the tempo of consumers as ‘renters’ of content and services. While effective for the businesses, they provided more innate value for the company than the consumer, with the latter’s data being another valuable stream of information and capital. By integrating NFTs, Grossman discussed how they could empower consumers, turning them into owners and granting greater autonomy over their data. #togrp7

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