‘The Black Swan’ author calls Bitcoin a ‘tumor’ which is ‘hurting the economy’

Despite the cryptocurrency sector growing and Bitcoin (BTC) gaining more supporters with each day, not everyone seems to be a fan, including ‘The Black Swan’ author Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Indeed, Taleb has slammed the modern economic environment by stating that it has led to the creation of tumors such as Bitcoin and claiming that such phenomena are hurting the economy.

A couple of months later, he denounced the flagship digital currency, stating it had failed as a currency and that it worked like “an open Ponzi scheme: money made by someone is taken from someone else,” as Finbold reported. More recently, in early August 2022, Taleb appeared to be mocking MicroStrategy’s CEO Michael Saylor for stepping down from his position after leading an ambitious plan to accumulate more Bitcoin for the company, calling his departure “another nail in the coffin” to the strategy.

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