Tezos NFT Marketplaces

Why are more and more artists choosing Tezos blockchain to mint their NFTs? 

Gas fees are less than penny (and have actually lowered as demand has scaled!)Tezos has never had any network outages
Tezos has no contentious hardforks (forkless upgrades, so your NFTs won’t duplicate and devalue)

Directory List Below

OBJKT – Open NFT Marketplace for primary and secondary market sales (like OpenSea) OBJKT.com

FxHASH – The tezos platform for artists and collectors to live out their passion for generative art. fxhash.xyz/

Rarible – Multi-chain platform for primary as well as secondary market NFT sales Rarible rarible.com

Teia – A platform built and maintained by an artist community collective Teia teia.art

Versum – Open marketplace often dubbed the ‘spiritual successor’ to Hicetnunc Versum.xyz versum.xyz

Hicetnunc – Open marketplace Quickly mint an NFT, share it, sell it Hicetnunc hic.af (mirror)

8bidou – Unique 8-bit and other low-bit pixel NFTs, specific to these parameters 8bidou 8bidou.com

Kalamint – Vetted marketplace for checked artists offering more personalized artist support Kalamint Kalamint.io

Xarb Open marketplace seeking to iterate based on artist needs and requests Xarb xarb.io

ByteBlock – Multi-chain platform offering primary and secondary market sales and auctionsByteBlock


AkaSwap – An open platform for artists to create and share royalties with co-creators / community AkaSwap akaswap.com

ArtForge – Open-marketplace that seeks to provide more robust features to empower artists ArtForge


Typed – Unique text-only NFT platform, used in many interesting creative ways Typed typed.art

Additionally, OpenSea announced that they will ‘soon’ facilitate Tezos market NFTs. They were given a grant from the Tezos Foundation to accomplish this. OpenSea has missed all grant milestones (which were to complete by mid-2021). OpenSea has not yet demonstrated any progress. This blurb will be updated when there is progress.