Sudoswap’s immediate liquidity is enabling NFT arbitrage

Sudoswap is enabling NFT arbitrage between marketplaces since it provides immediate liquidity for NFT sales. “While I’ve been interested and searching for arbitrages for over a year now this was by far the most profitable strategy I’ve come up with, and quite frankly the strategy itself isn’t that complex,” said Lorem in a blog post.

While this isn’t strictly new, an NFT trader known by the pseudonym Lorem documented, on Oct. 20, their path to arbitraging NFTs, and how it has become a crowded trade. They also provided details of the challenges of fighting against sandwich attacks to carry out these types of trades. In total, this trader made 7 ETH ($9,000) in just over a month, showing the value in this new type of arbitrage — one that may grow over time as more financial tools crop up for NFTs.

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