Ripple’s XRPL to soon support NFTs

Ripple’s XRP Ledger could enable support for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as early as Oct. 31, according to a tweet shared by Ripple’s vice president of corporate strategy and operations, Emi Yoshikawa. According to the tweet, the two weeks countdown to XLS 20 Amendment v1.9.2 began on Oct. 17. The XLS-20 is the proposal for creating native NFTs on the XRP Ledger. According to Ripple, the proposal seeks to make the creation of NFTs efficient on XRPL. At the same time, the proposal ensures that these new digital assets do not negatively affect the ledger’s performance. Ripple has announced the second wave of creators receiving funding from its $250 million Creators Fund for their web3 and NFT projects. #web3grandpappa

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