Polkadot’s Web3 Foundation Reveals World’s First On-Chain Funded Typographic Font

The Polkadot blockchain project has said it will adopt a new, open-source typographic font it has co-created alongside the Web3 Foundation and the design agencies Koto and NaN. Web3 Foundation, the organization behind Polkadot, said Unbounded is marked by distinctive forms and unconventional details, and is designed to give people more choice and free rein in terms of experimentation and expression. It adds that the introduction of variable fonts has been a game-changer in typography, solving some of its biggest challenges for designers and users alike.#Web3GrandPappa #mimeXmime #togrp7

full story https://coincodex.com/article/18757/polkadots-web3-foundation-reveals-worlds-first-on-chain-funded-typographic-font/

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