On-chain data reveals Binance US, Bittrex also targeted by API attack used on FTX

A joint report by X-explore and WuBlockchain has revealed that the recent API bot attack on FTX and 3Commas had further reaching implications than first believed.The attack on FTX, which happened Oct. 21, utilized 3Commas technology and a phishing scam to take control of several users’ API keys.

Once the keys were obtained, it was then possible for the attacker to exploit specific trading pairs to steal funds. FTX issued a statement offering to refund the affected users as a “one-time thing,” according to CEO Sam Bankman-Fried. However, according to a report, the exploit has been discovered to have been put into practice on both the Binance US and Bittrex exchanges. The exploit in question used low-volume trading pairs to counter-trade.https://cryptoslate.com/on-chain-data-reveals-binance-us-bittrex-also-targeted-by-api-attack-used-on-ftx/

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