NFT Marketplace EdenLoop Launches ‘BlockLoop’ #togrp7

EdenLoop is an open-designed NFT marketplace aims for Web 3.0 that implies the true decentralization of personal information on web, and protects the copyrights of digital artists. In particular, it is an ERC-20 NFT marketplace in South Korea, highly secured by expanded 2D and 3D IP security technologies.

The BlockLoop plays a significant role in connecting NFT ecosystem. The system will classify and analyze numerous algorithms in the blockchain network, and the relevant data will be collected, then connect with EdenLoop Platform. Such environment enables NFTs from all around the world built in blockchain to be searched, then trade with various tokens such as ETH at the moment, and transactions using ELT, MATIC, KLAY will be updated soon. In a words, DEX and cryptocurrency transactions will be able on EdenLoop

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