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NFT Artist “BEEPLE” is Mike Winkelman

BEEPLE is Mike Winkelmann. A graphic designer from Charleston, SC, USA who does a variety of digital artwork including short films, Creative Commons VJ … use links below #TOGRP7

Why is Beeple famous?

Mike Winkelmann, 40, known professionally as Beeple, is a digital artist whose work includes short films, VJ loops and “everydays,” a practice of creating a new piece each day, which he has done consecutively now for nearly 15 years.22 Mar 2022

Beeple collection on OpenSea

I need to add this WIKI link

The Montes Empire: A Group of Independent Tattoo Artists on the “BlockChain NFT Designs” Dedicated to
Supporting All Art Use

If you’re looking for a tattoo in Denver, you’re in luck! The city has a growing tattoo scene that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of realism or prefer something fancier, bold or delicate; you’re going to want to check out the Montes Empire Team of artists In Denver, Colorado. This group of tattoo artists is dedicated to spreading the love of art, and they are revamping the way that tattoos are viewed by creating unique and groundbreaking tattoos that can be used for any purpose. From tattoos for social media posts to tattoos that can be used for self-expression, the Montes Empire has you covered. So, if you’re looking for an artist who is committed to supporting all art use, then you should check them out! The Montes Empire is a group of tattoo artists who are dedicated to supporting all art use.

Their founders are Luen and Temi Montes, a couple that have dedicated their careers and life goal to art. They are both Tattoo artist, oil painters and Web 3 influencers. They both participate in
stages and spaces promoting #LovevolveLove and #Evolve messages to others. Their mission statement is to inspire, nurture, and help everyone evolve with love and good intentions; by lifting, empowering, and connecting with each other, to achieve a brighter future. This includes supporting traditional tattooing as well as any other art form that needs to be expressed.

Therefore, they work with other artists who use alternative materials, and they also offer consultations and training to help newbies get started in the world of tattooing. As one of the few tattoo studios that takes this stance, the Montes Empire is a valuable resource for anyone looking for tattoos that go beyond the norm. Montes Empire, main event is quality tattoos from experienced and talented artists

. We offer a wide range of tattoo styles, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Plus, our friendly staff is always happy to help you find the tattoo that’s exactly right for you. By specializing in different inking styles, Tattoo studio Montes Empire has something for everyone. From black and grey realism to blackwork, their talented artists can create stunning tattoos that are sure to impress.

We believe that every client deserves the best possible tattoo experience. That’s why we go the extra mile to make sure that every one of our clients is happy with their tattoo. From start to finish, we aim to provide top-notch customer service. In addition to the Montes Empire artists thriving for providing traditional Montes Empire tattoo art, they also provide a variety of other services and means of arts that the team thrives for. These services and forms of arts include fine arts, murals, NFTs, digital arts, recycle/upcycle art, jewelry, amongst other talents. This diversity allows Montes Empire to reach a wider audience and cater to their individual needs. In these diverse and ever-changing areas, at Montes Empire they always keep up with the latest trends and technologies.

If you’re looking for an artist who can create a masterpiece that will be remembered for years to come, then you need to contact Montes Empire.

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