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DiversiFi Blue ($DVFB) is the first token in an ecosystem of rewards tokens built around DeFi Portfolio diversification.

DiversiFi aims to be the premiere rewards token ecosystem on BSC and beyond by offering passive accumulation & portfolio diversification. DiversiFi Blue is our “blue chip” rewards token that features an automated rotating rewards system built directly into the smart contract distributing Binance-pegged:
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Polygon Matic, and Avalanche to holders and stakers of $DVFB. The minimum threshold for automatic rewards is currently 50m $DVFB, this number is adjusted based on market cap to maintain a USD value of $300. For holders below the threshold, we offer staking pools to be able to build their position and participate in the 5 rotating rewards.

DiversiFi is more than one token, it will be an entire ecosystem of rewards tokens that will work symbiotically with each other and collaboratively with others – to passively increase crypto portfolio diversification and token accumulation. Our super utility is DeFi portfolio diversification made easy, we pull a lot of inspiration from traditional investment strategies and apply them to the crypto space. We wanted to offer our community a “set it and forget” approach to portfolio management in efforts to redefine the long term hold.

$DVFB successfully launched on 4/15. We currently started the dev cycle on the second rewards token in our ecosystem which will reward 5 rotating tokens in a different market sector, the rewards have been selected, but we are saving the announcement for launch to avoid any scam contracts aping our name. We have 2 CertiK audited staking pools available via our dev partner, BrewLabs; a 7 day lock & a 14 day lock. These staking pools are unique in that stakers receive reflections of $DFVB and are able to harvest the 5 rotating rewards. Our staking pools were fully funded for 6 months and have an honest APR that is updated in real-time. You can remain staked for as long as you like.

We plan to release 4 additional tokens like $DFVB that reward holders 5 unique assets in selected market sectors, creating a blended array of high, med, and lower risk assets. We also plan to release a mothership token that will reward all 5 DiversiFi tokens and the 25 underlying assets, which will provide built-in buy pressure, and give potential investors the ability to hold just 1 token and passively accumulate 30 unique crypto assets, building the ultimate DeFi crypto portfolio over time.

At the end of our token release cycle, we plan to renounce ownership of all contracts to a voting DAO to give the power and ownership back to the community, so should any changes need to be made to one of the rewards tokens, the community has the ability to vote and control the future of DiversiFi.

Our current and future plans include developing additional utilities and income generating projects to support the growth of the community and the DeFi space, partnerships are really important to us. We are partnered with SupraOracles, BrewLabs, GemCave Token, BodaSwap, Rockstarr & Moon, as well as a growing list of NFT partnerships as well.

We are big NFT collectors and fans. So, we are currently developing 2 NFT collections, a DiversiFi holder incentive collection as well as a partnership collection with award-winning producer and songwriter, BLEU who was worked with Selena Gomez, The Jonas Brothers, and Demi Lovato. Yesterday, we also confirmed a mutually beneficial agreement with another NFT project that will be announced soon.

We like poker. We host weekly poker tournaments every Sunday for the community, where we fund the prizes for the pool, it’s a great way to connect and give back to our partners in the community.

We are all about giving back, so much so that project team member, Carlo has given away over 2 Billion $DVFB tokens that he purchased to charity, people in need, friends who were scammed by other projects, and via contests. Carlo also inspired the creation of #GivingTuesday, has appeared on TV shows like Chicago PD, and has been retweeted by Mark Cuban 3 times.

DiversiFi Blue Token ($DVFB)
Contract: 0xc50F00779559b2E13Dee314530cC387CC5dD85ae

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