Metaplex Foundation to airdrop governance tokens to early adopters

Metaplex Foundation, the non-profit arm of the Metaplex Protocol, announced

on Tuesday it is launching its own token under the MPLX ticker. As of today (Sept. 20), through a multi-week claim period, the organization will distribute 14 million tokens to early community members. Those receiving the initial token tranche are early builders on the Metaplex platform.

The Metaplex Protocol was first launched in June 2021 as the first program library and set of tools for developers to create, sell and manage NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Creators were attracted to the business due to its low mint fees and the fact that it was more environmentally friendly than NFT projects built on chains such as Ethereum (at least, before The Merge). The Metaplex Standard is the metadata standard by which NFTs are classified on Solana. MPLX will be a utility and governance.

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