MetaMundo’s 3D NFT Villa Opens Questions about the Function of Architecture in the Metaverse

MetaMundo has launched its second three-dimensional NFT, an ocean-adjacent villa, complete with an NFT gallery, meditation pavilions, and entertaining areas. The structure was designed by American architect and hybrid-creative Luis Fernandez to become an immersive space for meeting, playing, and relaxing. Architecture built for the metaverse seems to divide into two different approaches: taking full advantage of the lack of constraints, such as physics, to create a sculptural object that can be explored or reiterating familiar shapes and forms of architecture. According to architect Luis Fernandez, his approach is based not on the shape of the final object, but on functions that architecture can serve in the metaverse. For Luis Fernandez, one of the main uses of the metaverse will be meditation.#Web3Grandpappa

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