Judge allows CFTC to serve Ooki DAO members through help chat box

A judge in the Northern District of California will let the Commodity Futures Trading Commission serve Ooki DAO members through online forums. U.S. District Judge William Orrick granted a motion today allowing the regulator to serve the summons and complaint through the decentralized autonomous organization’s help chat box in addition to a notice posted on the affiliated online forum.

The CFTC sued Ooki DAO last month in a first-of-its-kind action. The lawsuit was filed alongside a settlement agreement with bZx protocol developers over alleged failure to register with the regulator. The protocol transferred ownership to Ooki DAO in 2021 as part of a decentralization effort, which the CFTC contends also puts the DAO and its governance token holders on the hook for failing to register. Now, the court says the CFTC has effectively served summons to those holders.https://www.theblock.co/post/174583/judge-allows-cftc-to-serve-ooki-dao-members-through-help-chat-box

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