Institutional ETH sentiment turns positive after 11 weeks of outflows #togrp7

Institutional sentiment towards Ether (ETH) appears to have shifted into positive gear, with digital investment products offering exposure to the asset having posted four consecutive weeks of inflows, according to CoinShares.Prior to this, ETH investment products had been on a lengthy 11-week run of outflows that saw the total year-to-date (YTD).

According to data from the latest edition of CoinShares’ weekly “Digital Asset Fund Flows” report, Ether investment products posted inflows totaling $8.1 million between July 18 and July 22, adding to the previous week of significantly major inflows of $120 million.The $120 million figure marks the biggest weekly inflows for ETH products since June 2021, with CoinShares suggesting that “investor confidence is slowly recovering” as Ethereum’s long awaited Merge comes closer to completion.

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