FOMO Swap: A Decentralized Exchange on Ethereum, EVM chains, Solana, & FOMO Chain

Key features:

  1. Developers claim transaction fees on trades, funding projects.
  2. Built-in affiliate system lets investors earn fees by sharing unique referral links.

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Summary Overview: FOMO Network is a blockchain platform designed to integrate social networking with decentralized technologies, aiming to enhance user engagement and privacy. Built on the Cosmos SDK, it supports interoperability and is EVM compatible, promising low transaction costs and high throughput. The network plans to decentralize social media and other storage-heavy applications. Additionally, FOMO Network offers various utilities, including trading alerts, AI content creation, and educational resources. They are also developing a decentralized poker game and other social features, with various milestones planned throughout 2024. more details

Next-Gen Utilities

Embark on a journey through a growing ecosystem, where education and innovation is at the forefront of our mission.

Join the fast growing community and shape the future direction of FOMO Network, in this dynamically growing project.

FOMO Chain

Layer 1 Blockchain with almost instant transactions & interoperability.

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FOMO Social

Open, free, and honest conversations without discriminating based on politics.

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FOMO Alerts Bot

Based on a 31 point algorithm, we deliver high potential launches to your inbox.

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FOMO Trading Bot

Lightning fast purchases using our (BSC,ETH &SOL) easy to use Telegram Trading bot.

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FOMO Daily

Receive the latest unbiased crypto / financial news from around the globe.

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FOMO Spy Bot

Receive immediate audit reports for Ethereum, Solana and Binance Smartchain.

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Generate Ai content such as images or text within Telegram for both community groups or privately.

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FOMO Poker

Decentralised crypto poker platform, allowing users to play a range of tournaments and cash games.

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