Hunger Gains -New Token on the BSC – Legit FOMO :)

if you are a fan of Degen move’s this Lottery style Game this is for you, 100% Legit DeGen Play its wroth the time to explore ask, question READ the rules and do your own research. I’ll have a play you can’t keep a good DeGen Down.

Welcome to the FIRST EVER Hunger Gains May the odds be ever in your favor!

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Join the TG group ask question Have fun, Doxxed Dev Etc.

Hunger Gains Rules – Please read

⚡ Buyers can hold a max of 2% of the token

⚡ When the round is over, the contract will pick one address from the players of that round at random to allow the player to sell. Players can buy unlimited number of times in each round, up to the round length, increasing the players chances of being selected.

⚡ Selected Players may choose to sell at ANY time in the future but CAN ONLY SELL ONCE every time they are selected. They maybe selected on future purchases, or at random when holders exceed a specific amount and secondary selections are in play.

⚡ Players Selected to Sell CANNOT BUY ANY MORE TOKENS. This is to prevent People that have been selected early from increasing their position unfairly.

⚡ Secondary selections will happen when the holder amount increases by 2x the game length. For every multiple of the game length an additional seller will be selected. i.e game length = 20, holders = 60, 1 of the players will be selected and 2 of the holders at random, total 3. Game length = 20, holders = 80, one from the 20 players and 3 of the rest of the holders total 4.

⚡ All holders are Unique and Holder count will only accumulate with a Unique Buy Address. When a player sells their entire bag. They are removed from the holders list

⚡ When the Game ends, all of the people that can sell are automatically liquidated and their bag will be sold, a 20% tax will be levied to account for gas. You have been warned. If you can sell, Make sure you sell before the end of the game. You will receive your returns in BNB.

⚡ At the end of the game, all addresses that couldn’t sell will be liquidated, they will receive the BNB from the sells minus a 50% tax, This means you STILL HAVE A CHANCE TO PROFIT!

⚡ Enjoy the Game, Please DO NOT invest or gamble more than you can afford to lose at least 50% of. A lot of time/effort/money has gone into this project to make it as exciting and as fair as possible. No Complaints about not being able to sell will be tolerated, the rules are clear. No Liability for any loss is accepted or implied. This service is provided in BETA condition. YOUR MONEY COULD POTENTIALLY BE LOCKED UP UNTIL THE END OF THE GAME

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