How Feasible Is the Project? New Token #LegitFomo #TOGRP

How Feasible Is the Project? Is there a user case and or utility you can see and understand and room in thre market for the project.

While it may seem obvious, pre-sales ICOs, and cryptocurrencies with the greatest chances for success are those that have the fundamental structure to outlast their competitors. Many launches, even highly-publicized ones, have sputtered after initial interest faded, strong active community very important. Your best chance of a successful investment relies on a token / project having an achievable, feasible set of aims and achievable goals.

The token / project should have a compelling concept for the time being, but it also must be able to carry that concept over into execution over the short and long terms alike.

Going along with the question of feasibility is the issue of transparency. Tokens / projects that have autstanding concepts and models are more likely than others to want to be as transparent as possible with the broader community. Look for projects / tokens that aim to keep potential investors up to date with regular, detailed progress reports on the website or on social media. It’s also useful to look if a token /project  has a timeline / white paper for what has taken place in the development process, as well. #TOGRP

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