Help Me! Why Did I Get Married? Tyler Perry’s 80

80 20 rule why did i get married

Whether you take classes, pursue a hobby, go to a gym, or just read extensively on a subject that interests you, you need to allow yourself time away from the relationship to develop as an individual. Even in a close relationship, each partner requires personal space. If you’re feeling smothered in your relationship, it may be because you aren’t going anywhere or doing anything that doesn’t involve the other person.

Their actions are theirs, you cannot own them, you cannot change them, you can only process them in your mind. In any nightclub in America you go to, 20 percent of the guys there are getting 80 percent of the action. The other 80 percent of the guys are usually too chicken shit to do anything but watch the hot girls dance while sipping on their drinks and getting horny. The Pareto chart is a visual representation of the rule, featuring a bar + line chart. The bars represent the value of each item on your list , and the line indicates the cumulative percentage of those values. The key takeaway can best be summarized as your non-negotiables must be truly non-negotiable in order to find happiness in any relationship.

80 20 rule why did i get married

Although it does take some time to heal and while “getting an over an affair” may not 100 percent happen, for your marriage to survive, forgiveness is going to have to happen. However, they usually end up realizing that they were much better off with the 80 percent that they already had. That’s why it’s never a good idea to focus on “the other person”. That’s really one of the effective and practical ways to move on after being cheated on. If you’ve never seen Tyler Perry’s movie Why Did I Get Married?

It can help build a Pareto chart, in which you apply the Pareto rule to whatever task you’re working on. Think about the most important 20% of tasks and how it relates to 80% of them’ outcomes to prioritize properly.

Why Did I Get Married Cabin?

While I agree with most of what Santo said, I think that it is important to remember what is at the root of this 80/20 rule. We’re not talking about perception here, we’re talking needs. So yes, while I may perceive things a certain way, I don’t necessarily know that this relates to how my needs are being met. While this is a great viewpoint, I don’t know that it gets to the root of the 80/20. Condone affairs, I do understand why they happen. When I got married, I took my vows very seriously.

The 80/20 dating principle goes against the impulse to bail if something doesn’t fit your idea of perfection. Holding out for a picturesque relationship prevents you from growing and nurturing fulfilling relationships and keeps you in a state of perpetual dissatisfaction.

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There’s no point pursuing anything when you aren’t mentally or emotionally ready. Ever since Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married movie came out, the 80/20 rule was brought to the forefront.

  • The 80/20 rule for weight loss emphasizes moderation.
  • Understanding the Pareto Principle can help you in many aspects of your life, including your job, relationship, and social life.
  • Relationships are not perfect, and the 80/20 rule can help you reconsider views of perfection, and what a healthy relationship really is.
  • There will always be someone out there who’s “better” than him or her.
  • All I will say is, God gave you two hands; you should use them as much as you can!
  • Cheating has always been and will continue to be a selfish act!
  • Networking is a way to create mutually beneficial professional relationships.

The rule is that you will 80% of what you need or want in a woman so when you get that 80 don’t go searching for that other 20 because 80 is the shit. So, the next time you are in a relationship situation , and you find yourself having negative judgments about what’s happening, first ask yourself what’s going on within yourself and just observe it. Then you’ll handle anything your date is doing with more ease and maybe with a sense of excitement and humor. Remember, 80 percent of our difficulty with other people comes from our own experiences, which we learned as children from society and family. Then we incorporate these experiences as facts and think they’re true about everything and everyone else. Although many of us would debate that fact, I was one of those people when I first got divorced. I was sure all my problems were my ex-husband’s fault.

I Don’t Care For The 80

Eighty percent of the issues we have with others are our own internal battles. Twenty percent are actual relationship issues. For anyone new to this term, the 80/20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, is a theory that says that in a fairly healthy relationship, you only get 80 percent of what you want. The rule guys refer to when they think about cheating on their wives/girlfriends. Because a spouse will only have 80% of what you’re looking for. So adultery takes place when a husband or wife looks for the missing 20%. Let’s say your wife is melancholic by nature.

Again, you CAN control them, and they aren’t excuses to cheat; but you can’t ignore them and you should respect them. I hear you and understand, but some women change completely after having kids. No more sexual relations like it use to be, no more spur of the moment sex and the adventurous side went out the window to never return. We love that and we want to keep that in the relationship. Even those of us who do right and want to keep it at home sometimes stray mentally and eventually if things aren’t restored over time, it transforms into physically. I believe most men want to keep it at home, but when a woman isn’t willing to do what she use to do to get him, frustration develops and problems like this occurs.

80 20 rule why did i get married

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. After you create your account, you’ll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. They are trained professional who can also help you on how to deal with infidelity and end the relationship amicably to start afresh, should you choose to call it quits. “If you’re going to step out on your wife, what’s wrong with using some protection? Two of the four men have remained faithful to their wives and chastise the others for not doing so. Terry and Gavin insist that Marcus fess up to Angela. But Terry also seems to understand Marcus’ infidelity—a little too much—perhaps because Angela seems so difficult to live with.

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The 80/20 rule of active listening says that in any sales conversation the sales rep should spend 80% of the time listening and only 20% of the time talking. Listening is the only way to learn the important things you will need later in order to match the customer’s needs with the right solution. Sidra put on a wig and pretended she was Tasha, playing her character, Angela. The 80/20 rule can be applied to studying to enable you to work more efficiently and effectively. It involves determining what tasks you need to complete and then studying the materials to give you the best results.

I always offer to her delight, but she doesn’t cater to my needs…and they are always reasonable. Color my my canadian pharmacy right a reminds few glycolic trust on only there so rinse.

What Is The 80 20 Rule In Sales?

Terry , a successful pediatrician, wants another child, but his stressed-out lawyer wife, Dianne just wants to keep working. Angela has a drinking problem, and being drunk gives her an excuse to vent. She takes out her anger on her passive husband, Marcus , as well as anyone who crosses her. Cheating has always been and will continue to be a selfish act! Thinking of one’s self entertainment and fulfillment while totally ignoring their partners’ feelings.

After all, it is impossible and unrealistic to find a person or a relationship that is perfect all the time. Was with my ex for 4 years, probably had sex about 60 times during that period. Was extremely difficult for me, as i LOVE sex. Was sooo happy to have an excuse to end that awful marriage….

Why Did I Get Married 3?

I saying her mentality should change when it comes to satisfying her man’s needs/wants. She should get pleasure from making him happy, the same way he does making her happy.

Who Was Originally Cast As Angela In Why Did I Get Married?

Because what happens when a woman discusses her problems with a man; he tries to fix them . We don’t always understand that your issues are emotionally based; so when we through logic at them, the emotion ends up getting turned back onto us and it starts the cycle. We are really good at shutting down, if you haven’t begun to tell yet; and I believe the men are weaker emotionally than woman because we have had less practice thinking about them and dealing with them. Furthermore, you can get killed in many male-dominated arenas for showing emotion. Men will quickly hold a grudge if you come at him in a way that’s deemed; overly emotional.

Many people lose good friends/spouses because of this. In fact it seems like some people feel more loyal to their homeboys or girls than they are to the people that they share resources and beds with. Ok so boom, right before I wrote this article, I sat down and made a list of pros and cons for my husband.

Did Gavin Die In Why Did I Get Married?

The Pareto Principle is an idea originally theorized by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto. 80 20 rule why did i get married The Pareto Principle definition states that 80% of consequences stem from 20% of causes.

One possible reason Why Did I Get Married 3? Hasn’t moved ahead is that the franchise received a spinoff series with For Better Or Worse. This sitcom focused on the marriage of Angela and Marcus, played by Tasha Smith and Michael Jai White respectively. The show would end up running for six seasons.

Finally, your emotions are your issues; not your spouses. I’m talking to men as much as I’m talking to women. Men think that just because she pissed you off, it’s ok to get cold, shallow and basically mentally shutdown and throw away the relationship. Even though this is a great defense mechanism in the real world, this will only cause your woman to keep picking at you to get you to feel something .

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