Hacktober Finished With $657 Million Losses From Crypto Exploits

Hackers profited $657 million in 44 DeFi exploits last month after returning about $100 million to a few platforms. Last month was quite spooky for the crypto industry as it saw the highest number of DeFi hacks this year. While October was expected to be “Uptober,” it quickly turned to “Hacktober” as cyber criminals ransacked top crypto projects for hundreds of millions of dollars.

According to PeckShield, the biggest amount of funds was stolen from the BNB Chain exploit that saw hackers wipe a whopping $586 million from the blockchain network. It was followed by the Solana-based crypto lender, Mango Markets, which was exploited for $100 million. A recent tweet by the blockchain security company PeckShield pointed out that October was the biggest month for hacking activities this year. The DeFi market suffered from 44 exploits that impacted 53 protocols in the tenth month, with the hackers. https://cryptopotato.com/hacktober-finished-with-657-million-losses-from-crypto-exploits/

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