Growth Of Metaverse Increases Trust And Safety Risks

The IT research firm, Everest Group, has released a report entitled, ‘Growth of metaverse increases trusts and safety (T&S) risks to enterprises, users’, has stated that the metaverse is expected to grow rapidly to a $679 billion industry by 2030, but the growth has implications for T&S, such as threat to user security, increased abuse, proliferation of objectionable content and financial frauds.

The metaverse is attracting large investments from technology giants such as Google, Meta, Microsoft and Nvidia to make the virtual world a reality, and the applications hold unlimited economic and social potential for both good and bad. As organizations develop their business strategies for the metaverse, trust and safety issues need to be among their foremost considerations. Enterprises may be able to adapt some best practices of today, but they will also need to address scenarios and use cases that are unique to the metaverse.

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