Grayscale May Reward Shareholders With ETHPoW Cash Disbursal

The world’s largest digital asset manager said its Ethereum investors have rights to newly forked ETHPoW tokens. Grayscale – one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency asset managers – may be readying a cash-airdrop for holders of its Ethereum Trust and Digital Large Cap Fund. The cash grant represents the value of ETHPoW (ETHW) tokens that Grayscale investors.

The filing declared Grayscale’s right to distribute the cash equivalent of ETHW tokens to its Ethereum product holders by September 26th. That said, the exact worth of such assets is unclear. ETHW launched merely hours after Ethereum’s Merge, which converted Ethereum’s consensus mechanism to proof of stake. The new chain was organized by a consortium of Ethereum’s old miners in order to preserve the proof of work mechanism that keeps them profitable. Grayscale’s filing said that their method for addressing future Ethereum forks.


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