EarnADAada New Token Launch

EarnADA is launching on Cardano on the
Milkomeda sidechain.
That means you can buy with your
metamask wallet!

https://t.me/EarnADAada feel free to drop in and ask questions

How to get MilkADA?
-Get ADA on an exchange.
-Download NAMI wallet and make a new wallet.
(you don’t need to remember
the seed phrase if you just use it to transfer
to metamask)
-Send from your NAMI wallet to your metamask
-Configure Metamask:

Done, your MilkAda should arrive in 5 minutes and
You are free to trade just the same as you are used to
With metamask.

https://t.me/EarnADAada https://t.me/EarnADAada

To buy earnAda preferably send ❗️MilkADA❗️ to the token contract, you get a cheaper rate than on Milkyswap:
Make sure you are on milkomeda network

Or just buy on: https://milkyswap.exchange/swap?outputCurrency=0xe032a3b3efe2e9ed287d9465a9f0b5a6cd77cb5b
With 13% slippage to buy

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