Doodles CEO says brand is ‘ready to grow up,’ aims for Disney-level brand recognition

Ask Doodles new CEO Julian Holguin what he envisions for his upstart NFT brand, and he boasts of his company aspiring to challenge entertainment giants such as Disney, Amazon or Netflix.Doodles started as a scrappy NFT brand, ideated by Evan Keast (aka Tulip) and Scott Martin (aka Burnt Toast), the founders of another well-established NFT. Now, Holguin wants to thrust the blue-chip NFT project into global consciousness. On the starting blocks, he already had an impressive roster of celebrity power. The pastel NFTs have ridden a wave of hype into the mainstream, with pop heartthrobs Justin Bieber and Liam Payne (formerly in One Direction) have joining the ranks of Doodlers in the last year.

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