DesoDollar: The new stablecoin disrupting the trillion-dollar VC industry

The DeSo blockchain is pleased to announce the launch of their new gasless, 1:1 fiat-backed stablecoin DesoDollar. This breakthrough coin allows millions of Ethereum MetaMask users to enter the DeSo ecosystem with USDC. DAODAO is the first app in the DeSo ecosystem.

DesoDollar will play a vital role in the DeSo ecosystem moving forwards for the onboarding and offboarding funds from different blockchain ecosystems. In addition, it lays the groundwork for the next major release on the DeSo roadmap: MegaSwap, a cross-chain smart service that allows users to swap coins/tokens between blockchains using their non-custodial wallets. Web3 users can easily participate in the DeSo ecosystem thanks to the DesoDollar.

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