Content is King – CONTENT QUALITY in your Twitter posts Etc. #Web3GrandPappa

Using the LEVERAGE of all the hard work ON all our POST etc, SEO It’s no longer enough to simply write great content with and thought-provoking narratives, blog and social media platforms articles also need to appeal to search engines and be indexed and be interactive with humans, links to click , places to go, images to look at point to other information of authority . Keywords, headlines, meta descriptions, cleverly placed, and other critical elements of a Posts key words and phrases all work in tandem to drive organic traffic to your article /posts and improve your rankings. Don’t underestimate the importance of on-page SEO for every post we write shear etc. always add content with ,appropriate # @ and images and a active link, when and where possible and follow the guidelines of each platform we post on. #Web3GrandPappa Join us to find out more, Follow us here and turn on Notification don’t miss out on our spaces #mimeXmime

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