CFTC Announces New Tech Innovation Office to Oversee Crypto #togrp7

The regulator which could soon be responsible for more of the US’s crypto oversight is beefing up its technology team, the agency’s chief said on Monday.The Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), which stands to gain greater authority over digital assets under the proposals of a bipartisan congressional bill, is setting up a new Office of Technology Innovation.

The new office will replace the CFTC’s existing fintech team, called the LabCFTC, a project which was the brainchild of Behnam’s predecessor Christopher J. Giancarlo. The former CFTC Chairman is also a blockchain advocate who has embraced the nickname “Crypto Dad.”Once the rebranding to the Office of Technology Innovation and reorganized is complete, the unit will be headed up by a director reporting to Behnam’s office. As well as employing specialists in the field, the office will give CFTC staff.

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