Crypto Funding of Terrorism Has Quadrupled in Recent Years, Claims UN

Growing evidence suggests that terrorism is being increasing funded using crypto.The senior legal officer at the U.N.’s Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate estimates that 20% of terrorist attacks have been crypto-financed. She reported these numbers seemed to have increased as scrutiny of the illicit use of cryptocurrencies has intensified.

Criminal activities associated with cryptocurrencies rose to a record high last year, according to the most recent report from Chainalysis. The figure has nearly doubled, from $7.8 billion in 2021, with illicitly-associated addresses receiving $14 billion in 2021. However, Martynova pointed out that cash payments still facilitate the vast majority of terrorism around the world. She also highlighted the use of an informal value transfer system known as hawala. The practice, which involves the use of brokers, adheres to Islamic principles.

Celsius Co-Founder Steps Down Mere Days After CEO Tenders Resignation

Alex Mashinsky formally resigned from his position as CEO of the now-bankrupt crypto asset management firm Celsius. His resignation was taken into consideration effective immediately, although he remained director of the company, stating that the move would allow him to focus on guiding the Celsius community out of the difficult situation they found themselves in. Last month, Leon had already filed a motion declaring his share of Celsius stocks worthless as a part of his case in U.S. Bankruptcy Court. According to the document, Leon was in possession of 32,600 common shares at the time the motion was filed.

Japanese prime minister says gov’t investment in digital transformation will include Metaverse, NFTs

According to Fumio Kishida, the government of Japan’s investment in digital transformation included issuing NFTs to local authorities using digital solutions. Fumio Kishida, the prime minister of Japan since 2021, has said the government will be making efforts to promote Web3 services, including those dealing with nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, and the Metaverse.

In an Oct. 3 speech before Japan’s National Diet, Kishida said the government’s investment in the country’s digital transformation already included issuing NFTs to local authorities using digital technology to solve challenges in their respective jurisdictions. He also hinted at digitizing national identity cards. In addition, the prime minister said the cabinet would “promote efforts to expand the use of Web 3.0 services that utilize the metaverse and NFTs.”

Ukrainian supermarket chain Varus will implement Binance Pay for online shopping.

Binance partners with Varus to provide the people of Ukraine with the ability to buy food and other goods online with digital coins. People with installed Binance App on their phones will be able to go to the Varus website, select the products they want to buy, and send the digital money from the Binance Pay wallet. Earlier this year, Binance Pay service was integrated by the Ukrainian chain of stores for home appliances and electronics, Foxtrot.#web3grandpappa #mimexmime #togrp7

$Adoge X RadioShack Listing+Partnership – TRAVLADD’S CRYPTO HUB

$Adoge X RadioShack Listing+Partnership

Fantastic to see Arabian Doge constantly making moves and further growing the community. The market cap is only around 570k, I’m holding myself also and have been for a while now, the owner is based in Dubai and if this hits mainstream, it could explode.

Their 3D NFT’s are also very high quality, not the usual crap that people throw on roadmaps.