Nike Launches New Metaverse Marketplace and Community

Nike today announced the launch of .Swoosh, a new metaverse marketplace platform meant to foster a “inclusive digital community” for athletes and Nike consumers. The blockchain-powered platform will allow users to connect with other athletes and consumers, obtain virtual products and engage in immersive experiences. The news marks Nike’s latest investment in the web3 and the metaverse. In December 2021, Nike Inc. acquired RTFKT, a digital creator of virtual sneakers, collectibles and accessories. Before that, Nike filed seven trademark applications related to its goal to create and sell virtual sneakers and apparel. In the wake of the deal, Stifel analysts said the acquisition had “strategic value”.

 Nike Sprints Into Web3 With New .SWOOSH Platform

Athletic footwear giant Nike is taking further steps into Web3 with the release of .SWOOSH, a new platform geared towards building a community around its digital wearables, the company said Monday. Nike says .SWOOSH will be a resource for Web3 education and a platform to buy and trade digital collectibles, such as virtual sneakers or jerseys. These items can be worn in video games and other immersive experiences, the company says.“We are shaping a marketplace of the future with an accessible platform for the Web3-curious. In this new space, the .SWOOSH community and Nike can create, share, and benefit together,” Ron Faris, GM of Nike Virtual Studios, said in a press release.